Ozark Anatolians

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Ahsanna, pictured above,  is AKC registered.  

This is her with a couple of her pups from a previous litter in the barn. 

Our pups are born in a barn stall with access to a large fenced area.

 We acquired Mercy in early spring of 2015...she is AKC registered.  

She came from a livestock background and had not been around people much.  

It has taken some time and patience to get her comfortable but she is very happy hanging out with her friend Two Socks:) and she enjoys her belly rubs.

Mercy and Two Socks should expect a litter late summer 2016.

Mercy is also pictured below.

This is Layla....she is the daughter of Two Socks and Ahsanna...also AKC registered.  

She is a very sweet girl and we have enjoyed having her back at our place.

We will keep her for future breedings with Oliver.