Ozark Anatolians

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Ozark Anatolians is family owned. We started out as a mother/daughter team (Sondra & Christy) raising Boer goats and Anatolian Shepherds in 2007. Recently Christy and her family has taken over full care of the Anatolians. We no longer raise Boer goats but our adults were all amazing goat guardians at one time and that breeding has been proven to remain in their pups.

We will help you choose a pup that best fits what you are looking for whether its a livestock guardian or a family pet.

We suggest reading all about the Anatolian breed before making your decision.  They are a wonderful breed but there might be a few things about them that wont fit into your farm/family setting.  Our main priority is placing our pups with the right individual by the pups personality and making sure that you get the puppy that will be the perfect fit. Please read through the entire tab section on this site entitled "Anatolian Information".

At one time we had 7 Anatolians (Two Socks, Oliver, Teo, Ahsanna, Mercy, Layla, Tember). At this time, in 2019, we only have one pair, Oliver (CKC brindle male) and Mercy (AKC fawn female).  We also have Teo, our 10 year old neutered male who watches over the whole property.  

In recent years we have had to say a sad good bye to Tember and Two Socks. They are missed but we know their wonderful traits are carried on in their pups.

Ahsanna and Layla also retired to nearby friends' farms.

Under the "Contact" link you will find a short form you can send us so we can better answer your questions.

Please go to our facebook page for more pics and videos.  You will also see pics posted by owners of some of our pups!


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The below picture is Christy with Teo who is now an old man at 10 years old:)